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About the NEW Documentary Film by Chris Felver
2 featured poems by Ferlingetti: The Old Italians Dying, Dove sta amore ..

Poems by LIA PURPURA: Distinguished Poet-Judge
The Bordighera Poetry Prize 2013-14

Poems by PAUL MARIANI, Distinguished Poet-Judge
The Bordighera Poetry Prize 2011 – 2012

Editorial by Daniela Gioseffi:
What Would Your Dead Immigrant Father Say about “The World According to Tony Soprano?” Letters in Response

Poems by Joseph Tusiani: Man of Letters

Poems by Ian Gioseffi: Writer & Artist

Preview excerpts: Fred L. Gardaphe’s, Living with the Dead

Juliet Ucelli: On Sacco and Vanzetti, Anniversary

Distinguished Poet Judges of the Bordighera Prize:
Felix Stefanile, W.S. DiPiero, Dorothy Barresi, Donna Masini , Daniela Gioseffi, Michael Palma,
Paul Mariani

Mary Ann Mannino: Revisionary Identities

Book Review by Santo L. Aricò:
Oriana Fallaci’s Rage & Pride

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