The Bordighera Poetry Prize Ended After 16 Remarkable Years

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Please send no further submissions to the Bordighera Poetry Prize. We’ve informed all on our mailng lists that after sixteen remarkable years, the prize has come to an end. The Bordighera Poetry Prize was active from 1998 to 2013. The prize, generously sponsored by the Sonia Raiziss Giop Foundation, was conceived to promote both the literature of the Italian diaspora and its languages. The past sixteen years have allowed Bordighera Press to explore these subjects and much more. We are tremendously grateful for the success of the prize and to all of its supporters.

Since many more Italian-American poets are now publishing exemplary books, thanks in part to the encouraging advent of the Bordighera Poetry Prize—sixteen years ago— we feel, in many ways, that the prize is no longer needed to herald and support the talents of Italian-American poets. Bordighera Press will continue, when we see fit, to promote fine quality Italian-American poetry.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Prize’s founders, Alfredo de Palchi for his indispensible largesse, and Daniela Gioseffi for her colossal efforts.

Best wishes,
Fred Gardaphé
Paolo Giordano
Anthony Julian Tamburri

Founding Editors, Bordighera Press

*Past Distinguished Judges:
Felix Stefanile, W.S. DiPiero, Dorothy Barresi, Donna Masini, Daniela Gioseffi, Michael Palma,
Patricia Fargnoli Paul Mariani, Lia Purpura Former winners: Lewis Turco | Joe Salerno | Luisa Rossina Villani | Stephen Massimilla | Jane Tassi | Gerry La Femina | Carolyn Guinzio | Grace Cavalieri | Emily Ferrara| Tony Magistrale | Michael LaSorsa Steffen| Carla Panciera, Matthew Cariello | John Ortenzio Bargowski | Joanne Monte | Joelle Biele

Commissioned Translators: Joseph Alessia |
Emanuel di Pasquale
| Luigi Fontanella | Luigi Bonaffini |
Ned Condini |
Elisa Biagini | Franco Nasi | Maria Enrico,
Sabine Pascarelli
| Paolo Ruffilli | Ambra Meda

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